References for Artists

Images on this page are images that I have acquired the rights to give out as Free References for Artists. You may sell the art made with these pictures.

They are Free for Reproduction which means you must use them to make art. You cannot simply sell the picture as it is. Some projects will include specifications, such as not giving the person a nude body. You must respect these specifications. Not doing so could have legal consequences.

If you wish to make a donation, some of the sources of the image have chosen charities and non-profit organisations. 

Feel free to share the images on your social media using the hashtag for that project. This is not necessary, just fun!

Downloadable links

Files coming soon.

Donate a Picture

You want to donate a picture? Awesome! Thank you!

Please note that I will not have any control over what kind of art the Artists decide to use the art for. Nor can I promise that they will show you their art.

It could also be years before the art is shown.

Even though you state that your picture may not be used in a certain way, some Artists might still decide to do so. A lawyer would have to be involved and I will not be responsible for any legal fees or outcomes. 

Donate at your own risk!